Production data

Issues with the gas balance during 2013-2014 have forced the Joint Activity ("JA") to adjust the investment program during 2015. The Company prioritized continued construction of Booster Compressor Stations ("BCS"). Progress on well workovers was suspended and certain wells were under-serviced during 2014. This has led to stagnant or even decreasing productivity of certain product categories when compared to the previous reporting periods.

The table below sets forth the average daily production indicators by the end of the period:
(Please note these are only the year-end indicators and do not represent the weighted average or median production numbers for any given period)

                                               2015      2014        2013      2012       2011 
Natural Gas (mmcm*)             1.8          1.7          2.0          1.2         0.8
Gas Condensate (tons)         79.4        79.9        98.0        45.8       19.6
Oil (tons)                                29.5        24.6        70.7        60.0       13.1
LPG (tons)                             41.7

* million cubic meters

The table below sets forth the accumulated production indicators for the specified period:

                                                 2015      2014      2013       2012       2011 
Natural Gas (mmcm)                688         672       684         343         153
Gas Condensate (ktons**)       39.1        28.6       32.1        10.2         3.9
Oil (ktons)                                 11.1        18.8       31.8        10.1         3.3
LPG (ktons)                                6.6

**thousand tons

The total production of the natural gas by the Misen Group led JA, from the inception of the JA in its current form in 2011 till the end of 2015, has reached 2,539 mmcm. This volume represents an incremental or additional production for Ukraine and would have not been produced had the project not existed.




Since September 2014, Misen Energy AB (publ) has been reporting monthly on production and sales results. Please follow our press releases for up to date information.